Covid fatigue setting in?  You’re not alone.  While the Covid-19 pandemic is still a very real disease affecting millions of Americans, a lot of people are fed up with being cooped up and miss family, friends and traveling.  While safety measures should always be met and maintained, there are some safe and healthy ways to get out and reduce some of the anxiety and stress that comes with the stay-at-home lifestyle many of us have come to adopt.  Our solution: consider a safe and fun Arizona staycation right in your own backyard.mask and hand sanitizer

While the Covid-19 pandemic is still less than a year old as of this writing, most businesses have adapted to provide a safe and welcoming visit for tourists and locals alike – this includes, restaurants, hotels and many tourist attractions. If you’re feeling the itch to get out and explore but not quite confident to get on a plane yet, consider a staycation at a nearby hotel to break free from you routine and experience something new.  Where better to experience all that Arizona has to offer than in historic Wickenburg, AZ? In Wickenburg, you won’t face the crowds of masked people struggling to social distance like in nearby Phoenix, Flagstaff and Sedona.  Wickenburg offers a change of pace from the every day hustle and bustle of remote working, home-schooling and endless cooking and take out.  In Wickenberg you can experience the great outdoors, the authentic Wild West and gracious hospitality at our very own Los Viajeros Inn.

Los Viajeros Inn is centrally located in downtown Wickenburg.  As you can see in our previous blog posts, while it may be a small town, it more than makes up for it in all the sights and attractions nearby.  Consider a hike through the Arizona deserts and hills or a stop at the 4.5 star TripAdvisor rated Smithsonian affiliated Western Caballeros museum. Enjoy a picnic and the many birds and other wildlife at Hassayampa River Preserve or stick around town to enjoy the historic, Western downtown streets of Wickenburg. At the end of the day, visit us at Los Viajeros Inn. We offer beautifully remodeled accommodations, an outdoor pool and spa and a friendly front desk staff waiting to help you.  Your Arizona staycation is awaiting you at Los Viajeros Inn.

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