Cowgirl Cadillacs – Buy a horse of your dreams!

If you consider yourself a cowgirl and have ever thought about taking the ultimate plunge to buy a horse for yourself, look no further than the Cowgirl Cadillacs in Wickenberg, AZ. This unique program touts itself as the premier Cowgirl horse buying and selling experience with the tagline Horses from Ladies for Ladies.  By registering on their site, you have the opportunity to place bids on horses after some pre-qualifying registration steps. If you are already a Cowgirl and have a horse you would like to sell, you can also list your horses through the Cowgirl Cadillacs platform.  In 2020, the top 5 sales averaged to $100,000, so don’t think that high-value horse buying and selling is just for the men anymore.

These beautiful horses bought and sold through Cowgirl Cadillacs offer ultimate assurance.  Buyers have the opportunity to meet the consignors prior to making a bid, ride the horses prior to sale and even go as far as getting the horse vet inspected.  Buy a horse through Cowgirl Cadillacs and you’ll have the opportunity to protect your purchase with insurance right on site. Because Cowgirl Cadillacs is dedicated to providing a safe buying experience, insurance is required for any horse that stays on site for 6 hours after purchase or any horse that requires transportation through Cowgirl Cadillacs. Cowgirl Cadillacs is devoted to providing you with a safe, comfortable, horse buying experience for such a treasured investment.

If you can’t make it to Wickenberg, AZ to take a part of Cowgirl Cadillacs in person, remote bidding is available. However, bidding in person and being able to see and ride your horse is an opportunity you won’t want to pass up.  While in Wickenberg, check out the beautifully renovated Los Viajeros Inn for a clean, comfortable, affordable accommodation option. Check out more about Cowgirl Cadillacs here at where you can register and learn all about the ultimate Cowgirl horse buying and selling experience. Yeehaw!

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