Horses, hats, history, and hospitality are the foundations of Wickenburg, Arizona. When visitors want a real, authentic taste of the wild west, they visit Wickenburg. The town has successfully merged the past with the present in a way that awakens the cowboy in everyone. Located in the northwest portion of Maricopa County on the border with Yavapai County, Wickenburg and the surrounding area was part of Mexico until the Gadsden Treaty was signed in 1848, ending the Mexican American War and ceding large portions of land to the United States. Until the early part of the 20th century, much of Wickenburg’s economy was based on mining and the transportation of goods between Arizona and California.  Now, tourism is the area’s largest draw and accounts for the majority of dollars generated in Wickenburg’s economy.

Enjoy a day of fine art at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum, one of the top destinations for visitors looking to immerse themselves in the old-west that Wickenburg embodies. The museum contains a renovated saloon, hotel with era-accurate furnishings and full-size recreations of the people and history of the area. There are also quite a few Native American items, like rugs, pottery, and blankets, most of which were made by the area’s natives. Watch a performance at The Del E. Webb Performing Arts Center or take a historic walking tour through Wickenburg’s restored downtown where you can see the Jail Tree. According to legend, as a newly established town, Wickenburg didn’t have the funds for a proper prison, so they resorted to chaining the previously mentioned rabble to an ancient mesquite tree near the town’s center. Now there’s a mannequin chained to the tree, with a great, oral history recording that’ll tell you the tree’s macabre history. The tree still stands as an icon and historic reminder of how things were back in the days before Arizona was a state. On East Wickenburg Way in downtown Wickenburg, Saguaro theatre is ironically all digital and focused on bringing old movies back to life for modern audiences.

Hike trails, ride horses and then ride in a jeep to experience natural trails and historic places. One can participate or watch team roping at local arenas, ride a mountain bike, golf, shop, eat, play or sit and wait for the sunset. Disconnect from the grid and reconnect with each other.

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