Thieves, Murderers, Bribers, oh my! History is one of the leading bedrocks of Wickenburg, Arizona, and The Jail Tree is no different. The twisted mysterious Jail Tree that is said to have imprisoned inmates. Tucked behind a shopping center you will find the old jail, which many old towns have. However, this legend goes that Wickenburg did not have the budget for a jail, so they turned a twisted mesquite tree into a jail. A tree where they would house unlawful citizens for many years in the late 1800s. Visiting this local spot could possibly leave you with chills, as you read the history while you are there. Also, you will find a slumped over mannequin inmate that is chained to the old historic tree, and will give you a little history lesson on how things were done in the wild west before Arizona became a state.


Before You Go


45 N Tegner St., Next to the Circle K Store

Wickenburg, AX 85390

Admission: Free

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