Vulture City Ghost Town and Mine

Vulture City Ghost Town and Mine
Vulture Mine is a gold mine and abandoned settlement nestled into the breathtaking landscape of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. The settlement, named Vulture City, was established in 1866, and developed to meet the needs of Arizona’s most successful gold mine. From 1863 to 1942, the mine produced 340,000 ounces of gold and 260,000 ounces of silver and has been credited with founding the town of Wickenburg. The closing of the mine determined the fate of Vulture City and the town was abandoned shortly thereafter.

The tour provides a glimpse of the mining culture and lifestyle in the American Southwest in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Visitors will explore several buildings in Vulture City like the Assay building and the cookhouse as well as The Hanging Tree. This ironwood tree (olneya tesota), was determined to be two-three hundred years old and in good health after a horticultural evaluation. The legend holds that 18 men met their fate on the branches of this tree, hung for high grading (the theft of rich gold ore) and other crimes.

Vulture City is now open year-round, seven days a week from 9am to 3pm.

General admission
Ages 12 and up – $15 per person
Ages 7 to 11 – $7 per person
Children under 6 – free admission

On Saturdays and Sundays, from late October through April, they offer Guided Tours where fabled stories and historical events are colorfully presented. Guided Tours start at 10am sharp!

Vulture City Ghost Hunt & Overnight Lockdown
March 30, 2019
Check in Time: 6pm
Ghost Hunt: 7pm to 11pm
Ghost Stories by Campfire – 11pm to Midnight, Ghost stories led by Jay & Marie Yates.

What better way is there to experience the paranormal than immersing yourself completely by locking down overnight in the same location you just investigated? Imagine the nightmares that await you!

Stay at Los Viajeros Inn Wickenburg when you visit Vulture City Ghost town and Mine.

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With so many exciting attractions and things to do in Wickenburg, AZ, you will never be short on entertainment on your next visit to Los Viajeros Inn. Wickenburg offers performances at Del E. Webb Performing Arts Center, The Desert Caballeros Western Museum and Saguaro Theater for arts and movie buffs. For outdoor enthusiasts, you’ll never be short on hiking trails (check out Vulture Peak!), horseback riding, golfing, roping/rodeos, and dude ranches.

We are 17.6 miles from Vulture City. An experience not to be missed.


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